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La Masia - Stop, Think, Debate

The more we move forward towards decentralization, the more doubts arise about it's path, ideals and future. We believe It's time to Stop and Think.
The event will take place in Vilanova i la GeltrĂș (Spain), on October 15th. 16th and 17th. Three days of Debate, Networking and Wine. On the first two days (Friday and Saturday) there will be two tracks to debate about diferent aspects related to Money and Society. 25 people per track to debate about the future of Blockchain, but from a critic angle, about everything that can go wrong and how we can solve it. Expect topics like Defi, NFTs, CDBCs, SSI, DAOs....

Reimagine the way we work

Nowadays there are more Axie wallets in Philippines than VISA card owners in the Country. Are we ready as a society for non-purpose based jobs?

Decentralize everything

Technology is looking to decentralizae every aspect of our lifes. But maybe it's time to stop and analyze the hidden costs we are still not seeing.

The NFT Bubble

Every couple years we have a new Bubble...ICOs, to STOs, to Defi, to NFTs... But, what is it a Bubble or just Evolution.

Institutional Money

Institutional money arrived to Blockchain, leading to mainstream adoption of this technology. Is the beginning of the end for decentralization?

Privacy versus Regulation

Is it possible to get Full Privacy while opening the protocols to the regulators needs? Is cryptography going to be banned? The end of P2P?


Coders are becoming more relevant in Web3, but can they solve ethical problems?


Three days of fun, debate and Wine.

Thursday 14th.

Pre-event. Reception drinks. Meet the people.

Friday 15th

  • Morning - Two tracks: Defi and DAOs
  • -- Lunch --
  • Afternoon : Reimagine Work
  • Evening : Drinks

Saturday 16th

  • Two tracks: NFTs and Future of Money
  • -- Lunch --
  • Afternoon : Privacy
  • Evening : Networking Dinner

Sunday 17th.

Morning: Visit to Winery.
End of the event

What's Included

  • Invitation Only
  • 50 attendees
  • Free Event
  • Visit to a Winery
  • NFT Gallery + Live airdrop: music + graffiti
  • Transportation and Housing not included

Get involved in the debate

Join us!

Who This Event Is For

Everyone interested in decentralization. Not just from the tech world, but also legal, humanists, artists...

Blockchain Developers

Coders working on protocols, Defi, NFTs who wish to have a critical point of view on their work.

Crypto investors

Investors worried on the impact their money will bring to society.

Legal Tech

Lawyers and regulators whishing to share their perspective with the Blockchain Community


Anyone interested in the future of society and the ethical aspects of technoloy.

What is a "Masia"

A typical catalan farmhouse, in the past it was the family's farmhouse, and the place where both personal and work life were developed. Over the centuries these houses have been the epicenter of families, they have been renovated, rebuilt, expanded until abandoned but they have always been there in the society imaginary. In recent years the farmhouses have become epicenters of a quiet life, spaces that leave the rush aside to enjoy the tranquility and silence of the environment. For us it embodies the perfect place to stop, to think and to come back to the load with new ideas

Masia Can Cabanyes is an emblematic building in Vilanova i la GeltrĂș, where many important events in the city take place. A good example is Vida Festival.